Shipping is FOB Belleville, Michigan. Products can be shipped in pails, drums, totes, or bulk.


FS800MW single purpose cutting oil is a base price cutting oil that is re-manufactured without additional additives.
FS900MW FS900MW dual purpose cutting oil is a re-manufactured cutting oil that has been re-additized.
FS1000MW FS1000MW is a dual purpose re-manufactured cutting oil designed for heavy duty use with additional high pressure and lubricity additives.
FS1100MW FS1100MW is a tri purpose re-manufactured cutting oil that is additized for heavy duty tri purpose screw machines.
FS200S FS200S is a bio resistant soluble oil for cutting and grinding. FS200S is dark in color but when mixed with water is whitish in color. This product is generally used in shops where ferrous metals are the majority of the material being machined. An EP package is included to ensure excellent tool life and work piece finishes.
FS300SS FS300SS is a bio resistant virgin coolant and grinding fluid.
FS400SS FS400SS is a bio resistant semi synthetic coolant and grinding fluid.
SureThread 200 SureThread 200 is a heavy-duty thread cutting oil for steel and stainless steel pipe thread made with a re-manufactured base oil.
BarChain 250 BarChain 250 is high performance bar chain oil made with our re-manufactured base oil.


Fuel Source LLC manufactures industrial burner fuel from recycled oil. Our products are well known to be clean and dry with a typical BTU value over of 40,000 BTUs/gallon.

Please call us for your specific needs and permit specifications.

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