Manufacturer and Supplier

Fuel Source LLC is a full-service manufacturer and supplier of industrial fuels and lubricants. We provide a large selection of lubricants as well as custom formulated lubricants and cutting oils for specific applications.

Transportation and Disposal

Fuel Source LLC provides liquid industrial waste transportation and disposal of non-hazardous used oils, wastewater, and soluble oil. We have a full-service wastewater treatment and oil processing facility and maintain a very strict protocol for treatment, beneficial re-use, and disposal of liquid industrial waste.

Private Label

Fuel Source LLC offers private label products for our lubricant distributors. We will custom blend and label containerized lubricants to your specifications.


Fuel Source LLC also offers a tolling agreement. Depending on the condition, used hydraulic oil and other lubricants can be processed through our proprietary treatment and drying system, with new additives added and returned to our customers for re-use.

Public Dumping

As a service to our community and environment, Fuel Source LLC provides a dumping station at our facility for do-it-yourselfers who prefer to change their own oil in their vehicles. This service is open to the general public and helps discourage improper disposal of used motor oil.

Affiliated Associations

National Oil Recyclers of America Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers Women's Business Enterprise National Council